Custom Crush & Winemaking Services

Luxury-level Custom Winemaking

Our strategically positioned facilities throughout California have been designed specifically to provide luxury-level custom crush winemaking services, vineyard procurement, and fermentation protocol, including optimal grape sorting technology, same-day cold stabilization, direct-to-market bottling, alcohol removal, velcorin dosing, and more through a dedicated winemaking consultant.

Services & Equipment

Below is a list of some of the services and equipment we provide. If you have a specific need whether it be short or long term, please let us know. We're always willing to point you in the right direction. Cheers Harvest 2021 and on!


  • Winemaking Consultation
  • Fruit Selection
  • Destemming
  • Crush/Fermentation
  • Fruit Receiving
  • VA Removal


  • Racking/Movements
  • TTB Certified Lab Access
  • Tasting/Blending
  • De-alcoholization
  • Compliance Aide
  • Velcorine Dosing


  • Fining
  • Finishing/Blending
  • Crossflow Filtration
  • Onsite Bottling
  • Capsule & Labeling Application
  • Cold & Heat Stabilization


  • All-inclusive Case Pricing
  • Custom Packaging Options
  • Bulk Wine
  • Shiners
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Packaging Design

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